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Agriculturalist of the Year
Jackie Buckley

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Introducing the 96th Little International Agriculturist of the Year,

Jackie Buckley


Jackie has impacted the lives of countless youth throughout her work as an Extension Agent and in her free time as a volunteer for her organizations. Jackie has led the efforts with the KFYR Living Ag Classroom for 25 years. Each year this event brings in 1200 4th graders to the Bismarck Civic Center to learn about where their food comes from. Jackie is currently retired from extension work. She is serving as a Morton County Commissioner and teaching Animal Science 114 Lab at Bismarck State College to stay connected with agriculture and people. Jackie embodies our theme this year “The American Dream”. She has made an impact on countless lives by following her passions and sharing her love of agriculture, not only with youth but all ages. Saddle and Sirloin is grateful to be adding her to our Hall of Fame and to honor her at our annual Hall of Fame banquet on February 11th.

Congratulations Jackie!